Tayside farmer’s sheepish boat rescue after ram gets stuck in pond

The rescued ram

A farmer was forced to paddle to the rescue of his prized ram after it decided to take a dip in a frosty pond.

Ken Headspeath’s Zwartble tup, named Eebygum, became stranded after venturing out on to ice at Borland Farm, near Blairgowrie.

There followed a treacherous, if slightly comical, rescue attempt when his affectionate nature threatened to capsize temporary “captain” Ken.

“He was waterlogged and heavy. Every time I tried to pull him in, the edge of the boat neared the water line,” said Ken.

“I managed to haul him aboard and told him to stand still.

“As I went to the stern to paddle back, he joined me, nearly knocking me in and leaving the bow pointing skywards.

“We eventually got back to the bank.”