Tayside cat boards bus on his own for 150-mile journey to Ninewells

A Tayside cat went on a journey of more than 150 miles by bus before turning up at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee.

Pamela Tambini’s four-year-old moggy Ginge hopped on board the undercarriage of a Stagecoach Coastrider service at Perth.

He then travelled via Aberdeen and Montrose — where he spent the night in a depot — before ending up in Dundee the next day where he was found by a passerby.

Pamela, 31, a former pupil of Braeview Academy, said her pet had suffered no ill effects from his journey — having boarded at Perth Royal Infirmary, close to his home.

Pamela only found out about Ginge’s journey when he was discovered and taken to an animal charity.

She told the Tele today: “Ginge can disappear for days on end.

“He boarded the service at the PRI on Tuesday and went on a big adventure.

“It is by far the farthest he has travelled — though he never brought back any souvenirs from his trip. Ginge is chipped, so when the woman who found him contacted the Scottish SPCA they were able to trace him back to Perth.

“I don’t think they realised he’d been up to Aberdeen.”

Ginge the cat
Ginge the cat

She added: “He seems to have a thing for hospitals.

“It must have been odd seeing the cat getting off the bus.

“We had no idea he was even missing, so we were shocked when we heard where he was.

“Fortunately he has come back unscathed.

“I would like to thank the female for notifying the Scottish SPCA.

“He’s already back out and about, so he hasn’t been shaken by his recent travels.

“I guess we’ll just wait to see where he ends up next.

“Hopefully, he will remain closer to home for the next trip.”