Suspects ‘at large’ as video emerges of Dundee police chase after car ‘rammed’ from road

Footage of police officers chasing a suspect following a crash on Forfar Road has emerged online.

Police chase the man following the “ramming” incident.

The 40-second clip was recorded moments after a Ford EcoSport SUV was rammed off the road by police following a city centre pursuit last Friday.

One suspect is seen darting across the lawn of Morgan Academy with police close behind.

School pupils recorded the drama on their mobile phones shortly after 1pm.

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland confirmed today the occupants of the vehicle are still “outstanding” and at large following the dramatic incident.

During the clip, multiple police sirens can be heard as school children come into shot.

A man in a baseball cap can then be seen running, with one lone uniformed officer chasing them.

One child can be heard saying “no way” as they watch a male suspect jumping over the Morgan Academy wall and on to Pitkerro Road.

The officer in pursuit.

The uniformed officer then appears back in shot and is seen walking down Baxter Park Terrace as he attempts to trace the man.

Local residents said it appeared police had gone in the direction of Baldovan Terrace as they tried in vain to chase down a suspect.

A motorist told the Tele the police chase had been spotted on Balmore Street before coming to an end on Forfar Road.

It is understood the dramatic chase started after the vehicle failed to stop for police, before the driver decided to take “evasive action” to avoid capture.

Police Scotland issued a statement giving an assurance that there was “no risk” to the public after the suspects fled the scene.

Local resident Adelle McLeod, 25, said she had “never seen anything like it” in her three years living in the area.

Video taken by Sufyan Elmansuri