SURVEY: Teacher numbers have dropped… What do you think about education in Dundee?

The Tele is asking you what you think of your own child’s education.

It follows our report which revealed the city has lost more than 100 teachers in six years.

Statistics released by the Scottish Government show that the number of full-time equivalent teachers in the council area has dropped from 1,431 to 1,330 since 2011.

The change includes 37 fewer teachers employed in 2017 compared with the year before.

That is despite some schools in the city being completely full and in some cases classed as running over-capacity through placement requests.

The drop in teacher numbers has resulted in a staggering 13% rise in the ratio of pupils to teachers since 2011, the highest of any region in Scotland.

To have your say on the situation, take part in our survey below.

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Figures show big drop in Dundee teacher numbers