Supermarket worker Luke hopes juggling trick checks out with Guinness Book of World Records

A supermarket supervisor is hoping to juggle his way into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Luke Davies, 20, took up the circus skill when he was just 10 years old to pass the time.

Now a decade later, he could be seeing his name printed in the book of world records by juggling an impressive 11 balls — whilst balancing a club prop on his nose.

Luke has already recorded the impressive feat but he is still waiting for confirmation of the record from Guinness, which has a lengthy verification process.

Luke, who lives in Tayport, said: “Technically, I have already completed the world record. However, I am still waiting for it to be verified.

“Guinness World Records needs to scrutinise the video to make sure it has not been edited and ensure that I completed one full round whilst balancing the club.

Luke displays his skills in front of Dundee’s Christmas tree beside the City Square.

“I currently already hold a record — verified by the the International Jugglers’ Association — of nine balls being juggled for two rounds whilst balancing the club but I thought I could make it harder by introducing more balls.

“I definitely knew I was going to be able to manage the trick. However, I didn’t expect to do it the day I did.

“Usually before attempting a trick like this, I will warm up by doing balancing acts for hours first.

“The day I managed to video the new record, I hadn’t done any balancing tricks at all. I thought I would just give it a shot at the end of my practise. I don’t practise every day now like I used to as I don’t have as much time.

“When I was still a student at Madras College, I practised every single day.

“When I was attempting to juggle nine balls at once, I spent 11 hours straight outside just trying again and again. I wasn’t going back inside until I had completed it.”

Luke is now sponsored by a number of juggling companies who provide balls and props for his tricks.

He added: “I began juggling when I was 10 just as a hobby to help pass the time.

“I started off by making my own balls from balloons filled with rice and then went on to start sewing more professional balls.

“I think I was just too impatient to wait for any real props being delivered. I began reaching out to companies as one ball alone can cost £10. Now that I am juggling 12 at a time, the cost really adds up. I now work with a company in America who have made them for me for the past year.

“It is pretty cool being noticed by these companies and them helping me out.”