Strathmartine Hospital fire raiser may have shared pics of blaze on Snapchat

The pictures from Snapchat
The pictures from Snapchat

Pictures of a Dundee hospital which went up in flames in what police believe was an act of wilful fire raising have apparently been posted on Snapchat.

Police are investigating after firefighters were called to put out “several” fires at Strathmartine hospital last night.

It is understood that the fires at the derelict site were started deliberately, and comes just days after the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) noted a “sharp drop” in the number of callouts to the hospital they have received since 2013.

The pictures from Snapchat

The pictures, uploaded to a Facebook page used to share pictures and information about the derelict medical facility, appear to be taken yards from the fire in one of the hospital’s rooms.

Comments on Facebook suggest the person who took the images was in the hospital at the time of the fire – and as such may have been responsible.

The pictures have the distinctive font and style used in Snapchat images – an app used to share photos with other users – and has the username of the person who shared the images at the top of the screenshots.

The Evening Telegraph has cropped out the Snapchat username as a police investigation is under way.

Strathmartine Hospital has been unused for more than 15 years.

Police Scotland has been approached for comment as to whether officers were aware of the images appearing on the social media app and whether this was forming part of their inquiry.

A previous statement from the force said: “Police Scotland said: “inquires are continuing after a series of small fires at Strathmartine Hospital. There were multiple small fires within derelict buildings at the site.

“It is being treated as a crime of suspected wilful fireraising.

“Police received a call from the Scottish Fire and Rescue service just after 7pm in connection with the incident.

“Firefighters extinguished the fires and Police Scotland are now investigating the circumstances surrounding the breakout.”

The site, previously a hospital and orphanage for people with learning difficulties, has been empty for more than 15 years.

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