Storm Helene: Warning issued for Tay Road Bridge restrictions and Dundee city centre congestion

A warning for disruption on Tay Road Bridge and subsequent congestion in Dundee city centre has been issued.

Winds of up to 80mph will hit parts of Scotland as remnants of Storm Helene sweep out.

A spell of windy weather on the way has prompted the Met Office to issue a warning for wind across Northern Ireland, Scotland, the north of England and Wales on Wednesday.

The alert in place for Wednesday – from 6am to 10pm – warns of injuries and danger to life from flying debris and covers Dundee, Tayside and Fife.

The Met Office also warned that damage to buildings, power cuts, road closures and transport cancellations are possible.

Xplore Dundee has issued a warning for possible consequences in Dundee.

It said: “High winds forecast for Wednesday. Please be aware in advance that any resulting restrictions on Tay Road Bridge will likely result in traffic delays in and around the city centre.

“Consider leaving the car at home and taking the bus to lessen potential strain on the roads.”

Meteorologist Dean Hall said parts of the UK felt gusts of about 30-40mph on Tuesday morning, with wind speeds reaching 50mph in parts of Wales.

Storm Helene, which was downgraded after initial warnings that it may pose a risk to life, is moving away towards the north east.

“We’ve got rain currently across Scotland, northern England, eastern parts of Northern Ireland, associated with what was Storm Helene,” Mr Hall said.

Wednesday could see winds of 60-70mph, the forecaster said, adding: “Certainly we could see close to 80mph, possibly even higher miles per hour in exposed areas in the far north of the country.”

The weather forecast for Wednesday is not part of Storm Helene, which will have moved on.

Temperatures remain above average for this time of year with 24C (75F) possible in London on Tuesday after the mercury hit 26C (79F) in the capital on Monday.