Stalking soldier, 19, to be thrown out of Army after leaving Dundee ex-girlfriend ‘terrified’

Matthew Williams

A serving soldier who stalked his ex-girlfriend, sending her blood-stained letters and repeatedly going to her Dundee flat in breach of bail conditions, is to be thrown out of the British Army.

Matthew Williams, 19, whose previous duties have been guarding the Queen at Ballater, failed to accept his relationship with the student was over, Dundee Sheriff Court heard.

Williams, of Burghmuir Court in Livingston, has been banned from approaching or contacting five people, including his 17-year-old ex-girlfriend, and barred from entering Dundee unless on court business or travelling with the army.

Speaking to the Tele today his ex- girlfriend said: “I’m honestly a bit terrified because he broke bail several times, I thought he was going to get put in custody. I’m just wanting to move on with my life.”

Williams admitted charges of stalking by repeatedly attempting to contact the girl, possessing a knife in a West End street and breaching bail conditions by entering the building where she lived.

Williams also admitted attempting to hand two blood-splattered letters to one of her friends to pass on to his ex.

The court heard on one occasion he concealed himself outside her flat, waited for her to leave and followed her. Another time he asked her friend to give details of her whereabouts by using internet tracking.

Williams also sent text messages to the girl’s mother, found out where she was and followed her.

Williams admitted repeatedly contacting the girl, her family and friends, entering her home uninvited and refusing to leave and dropping unwanted gifts at her house.

Pleading guilty to the charges on his behalf, solicitor Stuart Hamilton told Sheriff Alastair Carmichael army officials had confirmed Williams was facing discharge. “He will not be employed for much longer by them as they feel he is temperamentally unsuitable for the armed forces,” Mr Hamilton said.

“He is devastated by this and wants to express to you that he does show remorse and regret for what he has done.”

Sheriff Carmichael bailed Williams until February 28 for sentence but warned him not to approach or contact his ex-girlfriend, her mother or three of her friends.