Stalker threw dog poo into garden of Dundee man who had affair with his wife

Brian Millar

A scorned husband stalked another man who had an affair with his wife — 23 years ago.

Brian Millar, 54, of Baldovie Terrace, repeatedly followed Grant Massie and threw dog waste into his garden after Mr Massie moved across the road from Millar’s parents.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard Mr Massie left Dundee and moved to Perth after the affair with Millar’s wife ended in 1993.

But he returned to the area about 10 years ago with his new partner Deborah McIntyre, and upon learning this in late 2016, Millar began harassing him.

Fiscal depute Jennifer Johnson said that on October 8 last year, Millar followed Mr Massie and Ms McIntyre on a bicycle and passed them while staring and glaring at them, adding: “The couple got into their car and Millar cycled behind them, almost in a chasing manner.”

A couple of weeks later Millar knocked on the couple’s door and handed a letter to Ms McIntyre containing information about the affair. Then, on November 9, he circled a white Ford Fiesta outside their house, stopped and looked in, before again repeating these actions, then driving off.

On Christmas Eve, Millar posted a Christmas card through their door addressed to Mr Massie, which contained an unsavoury message and swearing. The fiscal continued: “On January 4 Mr Massie saw Millar repeatedly drive past his home address.

“He was alarmed by all the incidents so installed CCTV outside his home.”

In February Mr Massie left his home and when he began driving he saw Millar following him in a red car. On another date Millar was seen on CCTV throwing a bag of dog waste into his garden.

Mr Massie reported the matters to police on March 14.

Solicitor Larry Flynn, defending, said: “The affair took place between 1992-93. It clearly had a significant impact on him. Nothing had happened between him and Mr Massie since the affair ended but learning about Mr Massie’s return clearly triggered something inside him.”

Millar admitted engaging in a course of conduct which caused fear and alarm to Grant Massie, between October 8 last year and March 14 this year, at Inchcolm Drive, Balgillo Road, and elsewhere.

He was ordered to carry out 140 hours of unpaid work and placed on a non- harassment order banning him from approaching or contacting Mr Massie and Ms McIntyre for an indefinite period.