Police called to Dundee Uni in Star Wars ‘gun’ drama

University of Dundee

Police swooped on Dundee University after receiving reports of a man carrying a gun — which turned out to be a Star Wars toy.

The drama unfolded after a university staff member was seen carrying the object.

It is understood that a number of people became alarmed by the male brandishing the item and contacted the police.

A number of police vehicles and university security staff were spotted on the campus just after 3pm on Monday. The man was traced shortly after.

A replica Han Solo 3D gun, like the one spotted on the university campus

However, despite the initial scare, the “gun” turned out to be a Han Solo 3-D replica weapon, similar to the one used by US actor Harrison Ford in the Star Wars franchise.

A spokesman for Police Scotland confirmed there was no armed response dispatched after it was established quickly the item was a toy.

The spokesman for the force added: “Police Scotland received a report of a man with what was understood to be a gun, in the area of Small’s Lane on Monday afternoon.

“The man was quickly traced and it was established that this was in fact a toy gun.

“This was a false alarm with good intent.”

A spokesman for Dundee University said the staff member has since apologised over the incident.

The spokesman added: “Police and university security staff responded quickly to a report of a person crossing the city campus and carrying what appeared to be some kind of firearm.

“The person, a member of university staff, was quickly traced and it transpired this was a toy gun.

“The individual apologised for any alarm caused and no further action was taken.”

West End Councillor, Fraser Macpherson said he was “pleased” to hear the incident was a false alarm.

He said: “There has clearly been no criminal intent during this incident yesterday.

“I’m pleased to hear this has been a false alarm.

“However, I can entirely understand why some people may have been alarmed by seeing this on campus. Although innocently intended, there is clearly a case not to have these type of items out in the general public as it can cause alarm.”