‘Spring feel’ on way as Dundee and Tayside set for respite from wintry conditions

Snow continues to melt away as sleet falls in the city centre.

Tayside is set for a respite from the wintry weather — with a “spring-like feel” forecast for next week.

Martin Bowles, a meteorologist with the Met Office, said the mercury could rise to a “fresh” 8C on Sunday and Monday, in stark contrast to the sub-zero temperatures and blizzards caused by the Beast from the East storm last week.

Numerous incidents and accidents were reported on roads in and out of Dundee during the storm, including a lorry colliding with a Royal Mail vehicle on the A90.

Mr Bowles said: “From this weekend, in Tayside, it will start to get slightly less cold.

“But, on Saturday there’s a low pressure system coming in from the south-west that will bring rain and higher temperatures to the Dundee area.

“That will allow the remaining snow to thaw in Tayside and the surrounding area, except for snow on particularly high points, such as the Grampian Mountains.”

Last week’s chilly conditions, the result of cold winds whipped across the North Sea from Siberia, saw temperatures plummet to -4.2C at its lowest in Dundee, Mr Bowles said. And he added that the city was coated in up to 10cm of snow at its peak.

Several local community groups cancelled planned events due to the weather, while all councils in Tayside and Fife had closures of schools on at least one day.

Mr Bowles added: “We do expect there to be a significantly milder temperature in Tayside on Sunday and Monday, bringing with it a spring-like feel.

“On Monday, there will be a high of 8C, although this week, the temperature has been sitting at about 6C.

“But we are definitely seeing a warming up in Dundee and indeed the rest of Scotland.”

However, the weather expert warned drivers to be aware of ice heading for Tayside and wider Scotland later today, caused by rain and freezing temperatures.