SOLD OUT: Dundee folk go mad for Donald Trump-themed Halloween biscuits

A Dundee bakery chain has risked the wrath of Donald Trump after producing special Halloween biscuits – which are almost identical to the US President.

Goodfellow & Steven stores across the city and Tayside have been selling out of the “angry orange biscuits” which have been produced as a bit of fun.

The empire-style biscuit has been decorated with an orange face, trademark comb-over and an angry frown.

Today, the Union Street branch in the city centre had sold out, while the Perth Road shop were down to their last two by 1pm.

The pattern is believed to have been repeated at other branches with the ‘Trumpkin’ cookies selling out every day.

Nicci Watson, manager of the Perth Road bakery said they have gone down a hit.

She said: “They have been selling really well.

“It’s just a bit of fun for this time of year playing on Trump and Pumpkin.

Donald Trump

“We are down to two left. But we’ve been selling quickly every day.”

Not known publicly for his humility, the American president could pause his threats on North Korea to have a pop at ‘Goodies’.

Asked what Trump himself might have to say on the cookies Nicci added: “I think he would see the funny side.”