Shocked Dundee couple make holiday plans after winning Tele bingo two weeks in a row

A couple have revealed their shock at winning the Evening Telegraph’s bingo for two weeks in a row.

Jacqueline and Wullie Cree won our weekly bingo prize of £500 for an unprecedented second consecutive week.

The Lochee couple plan to use their winnings to fund a well-earned holiday.

Wullie, 61, is his wife’s full-time carer and said playing Tele bingo was helping with her recovery.

The Dundee United fan said he and his wife would continue with Tele bingo on the “astronomical” chance they could scoop the top prize for a third time.

He said: “We were both so surprised when we won the first time, it’s almost unbelievable we managed to scoop the £500 two weeks in a row.

“We moved up from Leeds, where Jacqui is from originally, 18 months ago.

“Jacqui had been playing the bingo in a national newspaper for years, but never had any luck. We have been playing the Tele’s bingo since moving back up.

“We are both so pleased to have won.

“We will be putting the money towards a holiday.

“It would be great to win again, we will absolutely keep picking up our numbers every day.

“The chances of winning for a third time must be near impossible, but you never know.

“Neither of us play online or visit bingo halls, so the Tele bingo is perfect for us.”

The Tele previously reported how the appetite for the game is on the up.

Research by MIDiA claims the game generates more than £1 billion a year for the British econony compared to the combined turnover of Spotify and Netflix, which sits at £750 million.

Scottish bingo players are the most competitive, according to MIDiA, which says people here visit their local bingo club about 3.6 times per month, more than any other part of the UK. More people – 5.6 million – play bingo than use UK Amazon Prime video (4.8m) or Apple Music (3.8m).

Our readers have become part of the craze of late with a £500 jackpot to play for every week.

To take part in Tele bingo you need a copy of our gamecard, which is printed inside the Seven magazine which comes free with your Weekend Telegraph every Saturday. Keep your gamecard, then simply check your numbers with those printed in the paper every day.

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