Shock as empty Mazda rolls into middle of busy Dundee road and almost hits cop car

Police officers inspect the black Mazda after it rolled into Victoria Road and almost struck their car

Police officers in Dundee were shocked when a runaway car with no driver rolled out into the middle of a main road and nearly collided with their vehicle.

An investigation was launched into the incident, which happened just before 10pm Thursday.

A black Mazda appeared in front of the police car at the junction of Victoria Road and Arthurstone Terrace, close to Dens Road Church.

An officer at the scene said there did not appear to be anyone inside the vehicle.

The car came to rest in the middle of Victoria Road, blocking two lanes as police carried out an inspection.

A number of drivers were forced to manoeuvre their vehicles around the car before two police officers and another motorist worked together to move the Mazda out of the way and back into Arthurstone Terrace.

The officers then carried on trying to find out where the car had came from.

One passerby, who saw the aftermath of the incident, said: “I was coming down Dens Road and noticed the police had stopped just prior to the junction at Arthurstone Terrace.

“The officers had the flashing lights on and I initially thought there had been a crash.

“I helped the police move the car. I think they were just as shocked at what had happened, as there was no driver in sight.

“The way the black car was facing, it appeared like it had rolled out of Arthurstone Terrace.

“Because the police had the driver’s door opened, it looked like someone had got out of the car in a hurry.

“Fortunately no one appears to have been injured, but it could have been worse.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland said the owner of the car had since been traced, adding that the cause of the collision was a handbrake failure.

No crime was deemed to have been committed and the investigation is now closed.