Shock as police try to ‘ram’ motorist off the road in Dundee

Residents have described their shock after police tried to “ram” a motorist off the road in Stobswell.

The scene of the RTC.

Police Scotland has confirmed that people inside the vehicle fled the scene at around 1pm on Friday.

The Ford EcoSport jeep was spotted near Balmore Street and Albert Street before locals watched the chase unfold on to Forfar Road, where police cars apparently stopped it in its tracks.

One eyewitness, who declined to be named, said the driver “legged it” down Morgan Street after the car was brought to a stop.

She said: “It was a blue family-style vehicle that pulled out of Balmore Street on to Albert Street before it started heading towards Stobswell junction. Three police vehicles brought it to a stop.

“The police did an amazing job to stop it and to ensure no one was hurt.”

The blue car.

Gemma Maxwell had been walking her dog Roma when she spotted police in Baxter Park.

She added: “I was very surprised to see what was going on.

“I counted at least five police officers at the scene and some of the officers were in the park.

“There were also police in Baldovan Terrace.”

Adelle McLeod, 25, had been in her home on Forfar Road when she heard the sirens.

She said: “I never saw the occupants of the car. There were two or three police cars on the scene.

“The schoolkids had gathered round to see what was going on and the teacher had to bring them back in.

“I’ve lived here for three years and never seen anything like it.”

The vehicle was removed by police shortly before 3pm with visible damage to the driver’s door.

A spokesman for the force advised they were still making inquiries.

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