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Several police units deployed over fears for missing man at Dundee park

James Simpson and Ciaran Shanks

Police officers scoured a Dundee park after concerns were raised for the wellbeing of a missing man.

Officers search Magdalen Green

A spokesman for Police Scotland confirmed that several units were tasked with tracing the 24-year-old.

The alarm was raised at around 7.45pm on Thursday, with officers searching the area surrounding Magdalen Green and Windsor Street.

After the man was traced he was taken to Ninewells Hospital for treatment.

A witness said he heard sirens before spotting several police officers combing an area near train tracks at Magdalen Green.

He said: “There were police vans and cars going down Windsor Street at some speed.

“There must have been four vehicles involved at one point driving around the area.

“Police officers were going right along Magdalen Yard Road towards Roseangle, while others were heading in the direction of Minto Place.

“There were also officers searching near the train tracks at Magdalen Green.

“More officers arrived and started joining in the search on foot near to the bridge where the carnival is stationed.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “We were in attendance over concern for a missing person.

“A relative had expressed their concern for them and we managed to trace the male.

“He thereafter received medical treatment from ambulance personnel and was taken to hospital.”