‘Self-righteous’ locals blasted in row over tree-felling

© Paul Reid
The area of land where tree-felling has caused a fall-out.

The owners of a woodland site in Monikie have blasted villagers as a tree-felling row escalates.

Billy McTeir, director of Ayrshire-based Avancan Property Management, accused residents who complained about tree felling at the former curling pond of being “self-righteous” and said they were guilty of “tricks and blatant lies”.

He denied any wrongdoing and said the company had “sympathetically” cleared a site that had become an eyesore.

Mr McTeir said: “As usual, the Monikie community group believes it has some God-given right to do exactly what it pleases.

“I would have thought for people feeling so strongly about a cause, they would have bought the site as we did and not wait for someone else to spend money then dictate what they — the self-righteous few — think should be done.”

Villager Rae Gray said: “If they had gone about things in a proper way, this affair would not have arisen.”

A spokesman for Forestry Commission Scotland said: “The trees dug up and left around the perimeter of the site are currently not safe to measure and as such we need them made safe.”