VIDEO: Watch the ‘scary’ near-miss with mobility scooter on Kingsway

This is the dramatic moment a driver came to an abrupt halt just inches from a disabled pensioner trying to cross Dundee’s Kingsway on a mobility scooter.

The “scary” incident was recorded on the dashcam of a vehicle heading east towards the Pitkerro roundabout in the outside lane of the dual carriageway.

As the driver neared the roundabout, a woman on a mobility scooter suddenly appeared from in front of a van in the inside lane.

The driver had to brake suddenly and narrowly managed to avoid hitting the woman, who appeared to be in a state of shock.

East End councillor Christina Roberts said BEAR Scotland — which operates the trunk road — needed to find an alternative route for pedestrians to get across the Kingsway at that section.

She described the near-miss as “scary”, adding: “I think there will be a lot more similar incidents as there are a lot of elderly and disabled people in that part of Linlathen.

“I am going to speak to the council’s roads department but it’s BEAR Scotland’s responsibility so I’m not sure what we can do.

“There is a dip in the pavement so it is a crossing point, and drivers need to be aware that there are people trying to cross there.

“It’s difficult enough for an able-bodied person, let alone someone on a mobility scooter.”

Fellow East End councillor Will Dawson said it was sometimes a “nightmare” to use the Pitkerro roundabout.

He said: “It is one of those areas that needs BEAR’s attention. I think drivers need to be more careful and let folk cross.

“However, anyone crossing should use the first car almost as a kerb and stop there to check if anyone is coming down in the outside lane.

“It needs looking at. I know that coming from Pitkerro Drive, it’s an absolute nightmare to get out of in a car.”

A spokeswoman for BEAR Scotland said: “A pedestrian study is being carried out in this area to see if anything can be done to improve the current facilities.

“ The implementation of any potential measures will be dependent on the outcome.”