Scaffolding around soon-to-be demolished church a ‘major hazard’

Fencing around the old church halls in Monifieth has blocked off the pavement

Scaffolding around an Angus church which is being demolished is causing a major hazard for pedestrians, it has been claimed.

Community leaders have also said the structure is having a detrimental impact on some local businesses.

Sheena Cochrane, chairwoman of Monifieth Community Council, said concern over the scaffolding was one of the mains topics of conversation at a meeting this week.

Sheena said the church in High Street was currently being demolished to make way for a new one.

Sheena Cochrane

She said: “While we understand this is for safety reasons, the scaffolding extends across to the pavement as far as the road.

“This is causing concern and anger on two fronts.

“It’s forcing people to walk off the pavement on to the road to pass by.

“This is a very busy part of the High Street and poses a significant danger to anyone who does walk on to the road.

“Secondly, businesses around the area are concerned they will be badly affected because customers won’t be able to get access because of the scaffolding and demolition work.

“Adding to our concerns is the fact that this isn’t just happening for a few weeks. A notice at the site states that it will be going on for a year.”

Community council members have raised the issue with their local councillors.

Sheena added: “We feel that if a walkway could be positioned at the site it would go some way to addressing our concerns.

“However, we have been told so far that the scaffolding is there for health and safety reasons and that it must remain in place.”

Monifieth councillor Sheila Hands said: “Pedestrian safety is of the utmost importance and is the priority here. I would hope that a compromise can be reached.”

An Angus Council spokesman said: “Having assessed all relevant factors, the safest way to manage pedestrians was considered to be via the existing traffic controlled junction.

“Pedestrians should not bypass the signals by walking on the carriageway and the contractor has been asked to provide adequate signage to make this diversion for pedestrians clear.

“We appreciate this does create some inconvenience to pedestrians and local businesses while these measures are in place and we thank them for their forbearance.”