Salesman wins bid for licence at vacant Dundee car showroom

Charles Sandeman

A prominent Dundee car salesman has won his bid for a licence to reopen a vacant showroom in the city.

Dundee City Council’s licensing committee has granted Charles Sandeman, 42, of Invergowrie a second hand car dealer’s licence for South Road Motors.

Mr Sandeman — who was once accused of trading without a licence, only for prosecutors’ case against him to fall apart — was most recently involved in running Motormile Motors in Clepington Road.

A neighbour of South Road Motors, which reportedly shut down suddenly several weeks ago under previous tenancy, has written to councillors raising concerns about the premises reopening as a car sales complex.

Robert Morrison said in his letter the council had previously found it difficult to monitor restrictions placed on the site because of the way the business was run, and he feared similar problems could arise again.