Safety Camera Scotland denies trying to make money from its speed devices

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The organisation that manages Scotland’s speed cameras has denied placing them in locations to make the most money.

Safety Camera Scotland has tweeted a list of myths and excuses regarding speed cameras followed by ‘the truth’.

It begins with the statement: ‘Your cameras are placed where they will make the most money’.

The response says: ‘Absolutely not. Cameras are placed where there is a history of injury collisions due to non-compliance with red lights or where speed is a factor in collisions.

‘We look on our most effective cameras as the ones with least activations.’

The statement also says it is ‘totally false’ to think there are any financial targets.

‘Unlike our counterparts in England & Wales, we are funded by the Government grant.’

The statement comes with work due to begin on installing 30 average speed cameras on the A90 between Dundee and Stonehaven.

Luke Macauley, head of the Scottish Safety Camera Programme, said: “We install these cameras to save lives and improve road safety.

“Unfortunately, the A90 features as one of the trunk roads with the highest collision statistics.

“One death is one too many and you’ll get no apologies from us for doing what we can to reduce that.”

The Tele revealed in December that speed cameras in Tayside had raked in more than £2.2 million from speeding motorists in three years.

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