Rottweiler unscathed by plunge into local harbour waters

Kieran with pet Teej

A Rottweiler owner has spoken of her relief after her pet escaped unscathed after plunging into a harbour.

Four-year-old Teej fell into the water at Arbroath at 10am on Tuesday while on a walk round the harbour with local couple Leigh Addis and Kieron Stibbles.

Luckily, RNLI supporter Blair Durno was on the pier at the time and raised the alarm. The Arbroath inshore lifeboat, Robert Fergusson, was scrambled and Kieron joined RNLI crew members as part of the rescue.

He managed to persuade Teej into the boat from the water’s edge and, slightly shaken but unharmed, Teej was brought back to shore.

Leigh said: “Teej was out on his ordinary walk around the harbour area, which is one of his most favourite places — he loves nosing at the crab cages.

“He’s very good with answering to his name so we’ve never had an issue having Teej off the lead and letting him wander nearby.

“I had taken my eyes off of him for two seconds to look out over the pier and when I turned around Teej had snuck to the side of the crab cages next to the edge of the pier.

“It was his reacting to my voice calling him suddenly that caused him to turn and, by being at the edge, he jumped into the harbour.

“Blair was the one who called the Coastguard as I tried to coax Teej to an area when he could be easily reached and keep him calm.”

Michael Marr, inshore lifeboat helmsmen, said: “The owner did the right thing. They didn’t attempt to go into the water and rescue their dog as this could have put them in danger too.”