Rosefield Street double murder trial: G4S electronic tag led to bodies being found in Dundee flat

Holly Alexander, Ronnie Kidd and police at Rosefield Street

A police officer has described the moment he saw “blood splattered across the wall” of the scene of an alleged Dundee double murder.

PC Aaron Brake was first in attendance at 20G Rosefield Street on December 11 last year, when the bodies of Ronald Kidd, 40, and Holly Alexander, 37, were found.

Krzysztof Gadecki, 38, is accused of stabbing the pair to death at the address at some point between December 8 and 11, 2016.

He denies the murders, claiming a special defence of self-defence.

During the first day of the trial on Tuesday at the High Court in Edinburgh, the jury was told police had been asked by security firm G4S to attend the address.

Mr Kidd was on a restriction of liberty order at the time, meaning he was required to be in the address between certain hours with his whereabouts monitored by a tag.

An alert was put out by G4S after an automatic system linked to the tag noted he had not left his property for three days.

Prosecuting, advocate depute Bill McVicar asked PC Brake — who attended with a colleague — to describe the scene.

The officer said there was a treadmill-type machine and equipment for doing pull-ups, which had been put in front of the door.

He said: “I looked through the keyhole and then the letterbox.

“It looked like something had happened on the premises.

“Some items had been strewn about and there was blood splattered across the wall. There was blood on the door frame and wall.”

PC Brake was asked if he could tell if the blood stains “looked recent” but he couldn’t at that point.

The pair were unable to force access to the property, so a joinery contractor was called.

He continued: “I opened the door and looked through to the bedroom and immediately could see the deceased female folded over on herself.

“There was a pair of male legs hanging out and blood stains over the room.”

Asked if it was obvious they were both deceased, he replied “yes”.

PC Brake said a call was put out to his duty sergeant and the CID to attend.

The court was also shown two images of the bodies of Mr Kidd and Ms Alexander.

Gadecki denies assaulting and murdering Mr Kidd by repeatedly striking him on the head and body with a knife or similar instrument. He also denies assaulting and murdering Ms Alexander by repeatedly striking her on the head and body with a knife or similar instrument.

He denies a further charge that between the same dates at the same location he stole a set of keys, three watches, a pocket watch, a silver chain, a flask, two wallets and their contents, a sum of money and a quantity of heroin and diazepam.

He denies a fourth charge that between December 8 and 11 last year — having allegedly murdered Mr Kidd and Ms Alexander — he attempted to defeat the ends of justice at an address in Benvie Road and elsewhere in Dundee by washing clothing and disposing of a pair of trainers and a mobile phone, depriving the opportunity for forensic analysis.

The trial continues.

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