REVEALED: Most residents happy with Dundee City Council

Just under two-thirds of people living in Dundee are satisfied with the city council, a new survey has revealed.

The results of Dundee City Council’s annual citizen survey have been released — and they paint a fairly rosy picture of the authority and its services.

Compiled through interviews with 1,300 local people, the poll helps the council gauge how well it is performing.

The majority of people reported having a positive experience when dealing with the council, either in person or over the phone, with 61% feeling it presented a positive public image.

Just 60% of those polled believed the council provided good value for money, according to the authority’s 2017 survey.

But according to the Scottish Household Survey, only 6% of those asked said they strongly agreed that the council does “the best it can” with the money available.

Meanwhile, less than half of people polled, 48%, felt the council listened to complaints — although the overwhelming majority reported being satisfied with their own contact with the authority.

More than seven in 10 locals felt the council provided a good range of services and that those services were good quality and efficient.

Council leader John Alexander said: “The citizen survey is an invaluable guide to us about what people in Dundee think about the city, the services we provide and the way people access those services.

“We use this consultation as part of our commitment to continuous improvement and it helps us to chart the progress that we are making to meet key objectives.

“I take the results of the survey extremely seriously and any issues that are raised will be addressed.”

Other aspects of living in Dundee assessed in the survey included community safety, refuse collection, local sports facilities and the local environment.

By and large, the majority of locals were either “very” or “fairly” satisfied with local services.

Satisfaction has risen in refuse collection, the fire and police services, sports and leisure facilities, public transport and community warden services compared to surveys from previous years.

Locals also felt that services were easier to access than before.

However, the number of people “very satisfied” with youth facilities fell from 35% in 2016 to 24% last year.

And while satisfaction with the overall quality of the local environment was high, more than one in five Dundonians felt roads, pavements and street lights were not up to scratch.

Despite that, by and large, the vast majority of people were happy with where they live.

Council tenants reported being largely satisfied with the condition of their social housing, while 98% of locals said their neighbourhood was either “good” or “very good”.

In a report set to be reviewed by city councillors next week, the local authority’s chief executive David Martin said the results of the survey were “encouraging”.

But Mr Alexander said the council would not rest on its laurels, adding: “More people are telling us that their neighbourhood is a very good place to live and they are satisfied with their local environment.

“But we are never complacent and will always look at ways in which we can make the city a better place for everyone.”