REVEALED: Knives and syringes among items seized by security staff at Dundee Sheriff Court

15 knives were seized by court staff.

Knives and syringes were seized by Dundee Sheriff Court staff in the past 12 months, the Tele can reveal.

Figures obtained from a freedom of information request show that between January and October 31 this year, eight bladed and pointed articles were taken off people.

The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service figures also show that 15 knives were also removed by officers, in addition to eight syringes and three tools.

Between November 1 and December 31 last year, people attempted to smuggle in six dangerous weapons; three pairs of scissors, two screwdrivers and one knife.

North East region MSP Bill Bowman said weapons being taken into Dundee’s courts must be stamped out.

He added: “Scotland’s sheriff courts are centres of justice, which must be seen as safe places for witnesses and victims of crime.

“They must also be treated with the respect our justice system deserves.

“G4S and Police Scotland operate a no-nonsense approach to any offensive weapon.

“You go in the cells and appear before a sheriff facing solemn proceedings — sometimes days later.

“There is a high-knife possession rate in Dundee, compared to other cities in Scotland.

“This must be stamped out and a clear message sent that carrying a weapon in a public place is not acceptable.

“To support the police and protect the public, the punishment must fit the crime.”

A spokesman for the court service said any items considered to be a risk to public safety could be seized.

The spokesman continued: “The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service takes the safety of all court users very seriously.

“We work closely with partners, including the police, to take all reasonable precautions against weapons being introduced into court buildings.

“Any item which is considered to be a potential risk to public safety could be confiscated on entering a court building.

“The discovery of any weapon or potential weapon by staff is immediately reported to the police.”