Response to cold snap defended after widespread criticism

A local grits pavements during the recent icy spell

No cuts have been made to a local council’s gritting and salting activities, the man responsible for maintaining the region’s roads and paths has said.

Derek Crowe, Fife Council’s senior roads manager, has defended his team’s response to the recent cold snap.

It follows widespread criticism about the state of footpaths, with pedestrians reporting treacherous conditions underfoot.

Mr Crowe said: “We haven’t cut back on our gritting and salting activity and have plenty of salt and grit to use.

“We constantly monitor road temperatures and weather forecasts, and take action to respond to the conditions but, with such a large area to cover, we have to prioritise certain routes.

“On this occasion, the sustained period of freezing conditions interspersed with occasional showers has proved very challenging.

“The first priority is to keep main communication links and commuter routes open and then move into lower-priority roads and into the footway network and residential areas.”