Locals ‘surprised man is still alive’ after Dundee multi fall

Police outside Elders Court following the incident

Residents have spoken of the “shocking” moment a man plunged from a window at a multi in Dundee.

Emergency services, including four police vehicles and an ambulance, rushed to Elders Court in Lochee around 12.40pm on Tuesday after a man reportedly fell from the second floor on to the pavement below.

Blood could be seen on the ground outside the block of flats after the incident.

A police officer stood near to where the man fell, as other officers made inquiries.

Gregor Gerle, 33, who lives at neighbouring Adamson Court, called an ambulance after seeing the man lying on the ground.

He said: “He looked like he was in his thirties or forties.

“I called 999 and the police were here in around five minutes and then the ambulance after around 10 minutes.

“I’m surprised he’s still alive. The ambulance took him away and there were three police cars and a van.”

Another resident said he saw the moment the man dropped to the ground.

The resident said: “My wife was driving away in her car and I turned to wave goodbye to her.

“Two seconds later a man fell from the second-floor window.

“He fell with straight legs. He landed on his feet with his legs straight and fell. His legs looked broken.

“It was awful. He was rolling back and forward from right to left as he couldn’t stand up — but he was still alive, still conscious.

“There are a lot of children around here.

“There were kids around another time when a guy was hanging from a window at Elders Court threatening to jump.

“It’s not nice for kids to be around — it’s obviously very shocking and not the sort of thing you expect to see.”

Police then left the area around 2.15pm.

A spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance service said: “We received a call at 12.40pm yesterday to attend an incident at Elders Court.

“We dispatched one ambulance to the scene.

“One male patient was taken to Ninewells Hospital.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland added: “Police Scotland attended at Elders Court, Lochee, following concerns for a man.

“He was taken to Ninewells Hospital for treatment.”