Dundee residents furious that demolished wall still not repaired a week after accident

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Lochee residents are furious no repairs have been carried out to a demolished wall more than a week after the accident which brought it down.

The wall, which was recently built on the corner of Aimer Square and Sinclair Street, suffered significant damaged after a van reportedly reversed into it on May 10.

Wall collapses as delivery van hits railings in Dundee car park

The railing on top of the wall was also left mangled and hanging over on to the pavement.

Jayne Kelly, of the Save the High Street Lochee Group, said: “It’s really disappointing that no work has been undertaken to repair the wall or clear the debris.

“Railings have been put around it but I think there are still real safety issues here.

“Someone could easily get hurt due to the debris still lying around and the precarious state of the wall now.

“It’s also concerning that the debris takes up eight parking spaces.

“There isn’t adequate parking in Lochee as it is without losing eight spaces to something like this.

“We are trying to attract visitors, shoppers and more business to Lochee.

“How can we do that when we lose such a large number of parking spaces in the area?

“We hope the council will fix this wall as a matter of urgency.”

Jayne added that it was also concerning that three traffic wardens were seen in the High Street on Thursday.

She said: “I hope they are not using this as an excuse to book people for parking illegally when we have lost these spaces.”

Lochee councillor Charlie Malone has insisted the delay in fixing the wall is unacceptable.

And he has since been in touch with officers over the wait.

Mr Malone said: “I am awaiting a response to my concerns.

“The area around Lochee High Street has a number of damaged buildings including a burnt-out commercial premises which still requires to be made safe, and a burnt-out church with no mention of when the work on it will begin after more than a year.

“This has an impact on the residents, the shops and the community.

“I will be pressing for a rapid response team to be sent to the area.

“One resident indicated to me that this is typical of an attitude that it is ‘only Lochee’.”