Residents back new security door to stop drug users at Dundee block

Members of the group Save our High Street, which has helped with clean-ups.

Residents of a Dundee housing scheme are waiting to discover if a secure entry system will be installed in a bid to prevent mess and drug taking.

Council chiefs have received numerous complaints about antisocial behaviour in Lochee’s Aimer Square.

But a new secure entry system could soon be on its way following a ballot of owners, occupiers and landlords in the area.

The Tele has previously highlighted problems with faeces and blood being found splattered on the doorstep on numerous occasions.

Campaigners from Save Our High Street have assisted with clean-ups and police have stepped up patrols in the area to try to bring the problem under control.

Lochee councillor Charlie Malone said he had received positive feedback about a new entry system.

He said: “The tenants are pretty confident that they will be getting a new secure entrance system.

“We’re still waiting on everything from the ballot but everyone I’ve spoken to is very positive about having this installed.

“It’s something they have been talking about for a while and the campaign group has been able to help push it through.

“It’s all about community engagement and we’re seeing the results of that now with the issue being resolved here and we’ve got the Discovery Credit Union opening up in Lochee.

“It’s not just as simple as putting a door in but the tenants will be able to see the designs and the whole point is to stop people using the space in the way they have been doing.”

A letter from Dundee City Council to tenants shown to the Tele states that a secure entrance system would feature a key pad or fob-operated system.

Each property would also have a handset to control the entry of people to the close.

Jayne Kelly, from Save Our High Street, said: “It’s now a case of when, not if, which is great.

“No one should have to trawl through mess like that coming in from their work.

“It’s another success for our group. The tenants are over the moon and it just shows you what can be done.”

A Dundee City Council spokesperson said: “We put forward a proposal under the Tenement Management Scheme (TMS) to install and maintain a controlled entry system within the block at 2-12 Aimer Square Dundee.

“The ballot closes on 31 st October 2017 at 5.00pm.

“The owners and landlords will be advised of the outcome shortly after the count takes place through the TMS formal notification process.

“If there is a simple majority of owners/landlords in favour of the proposals put forward then a formal notification letter will be issued.

“There is a right of appeal and no works will take place until the appeals period of 28 days has been concluded.”