READER’S LETTER: ‘Judge in 1960s may have given death sentences for Kirriemuir murder’

The trio were sentenced to a combined 57  years in jail.
The trio were sentenced to a combined 57 years in jail.

If the trial and subsequent murder charge conviction of the two individuals, Steven Dickie and Callum Davidson, had taken place in the early 1960s the judge may well have literally donned the “black cap” and passed death sentences when giving judgment on the two males involved.

As for Tasmin Glass, a hefty sentence of imprisonment may have been imposed, bearing in mind that culpable homicide can, in extreme cases, carry a life-long term of imprisonment.

One person indirectly involved is the child Glass bore by Mr Donaldson.

The big question is what is best for the child’s future? This may well turn out to be a very contentious issue.

The late Steven Donaldson, from Arbroath.

This must rate as one of the most heinous crimes ever in this quiet corner of Angus.

Let’s hope we never see the like of it again – anywhere.


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