READER’S LETTER: Drug addiction in Scotland is out of control

Without question, the drug problem in Scotland has spiralled out of control.

The Scottish Government has tried programmes which, to date, have failed abysmally.

One of these strategies which became effective not long ago stated: “People need to be supported rather than stigmatised.”

I would agree but many drug users simply do not follow through with the programmes and advice offered.

There were also calls for new drug and alcohol programmes in school.

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Is this necessary? It seems to me the school curriculums are already full without overloading them any further.

Other plans included continuing to push Westminster for safer injecting facilities and for the justiciary system to recommend support and treatment rather than imprisonment.

I cannot foresee this programme happening.

Regular drug users tend to ignore advice and effectively lose control of their lives where the knock-on effects can lead to a life of crime and/or long-term medical treatment, antisocial behaviour, reoffending or death.

Hopefully, in another year, the shocking statistic for drug deaths in Scotland will have plummeted or at least been reduced significantly.


‘We can bring drug deaths in Dundee down to zero’