Pupils film girl attacking cowering boy at Dundee school and urge her to ‘do him in’

Footage from the video that was circulated among Morgan Academy students showing a girl attacking a male pupil.

Distressing footage has emerged of a female Dundee student attacking a male pupil on campus — while other pupils film the incident.

The video, which is understood to have been circulated widely online, shows a group of students cornering a classmate during a lunch break at Morgan Academy.

The clip starts when a teenager appears to be cowering in the corner, grasping on to his school bag as a girl starts to confront him.

A male pupil appears to try to intervene before the situation escalates.

He is told by the female, “I’ll hurt you as well”, before another student advises “You’ll just get hurt, mate”.

The girl seems fully aware she is being filmed and claims that the boy had slapped her, before simulating a slap on another male pupil.

One other male voice can he heard calling for her to “Do him in”, while the girl starts laughing.

She claims again the male pupil had slapped her, which the terrified boy denies.

Another voice can be heard saying, “Never mind everyone else, just do him in”.

With the pupil cowering in the corner, the girl becomes increasingly concerned that the footage being recorded on her phone is using up all its memory.

Male voices can be heard again urging the female student to “Just hit him”, before she demands that the pupil puts down his bag, claiming she won’t hurt him.

Shortly after, she starts raining blows on his head and scratching and kicking him as he tries to defend himself.

The male eventually hits out during the 10-second brawl before the female student claims that he has sexually assaulted her.

It is unclear when the 1 minute 22 second-clip was filmed.

The person who supplied the video to the Tele said: “You can clearly see the guy is absolutely terrified. I was appalled when I saw it on the phone of a family member who attends the school.”


A spokesman for Dundee City Council confirmed the video had been brought to the school’s attention, adding: “The matter was dealt with by the school at the time.”