Public to be told more about what the police are up to in Dundee

Susan Deacon, the new chairwoman of the Scottish Police Authority, addresses a board meeting held at the Apex Hotel in Dundee.

People in Dundee are to be given more information about police activity.

The promise was made by the new chairwoman of the Scottish Police Authority (SPA).

Susan Deacon was speaking at an SPA board meeting in the Apex Hotel, two weeks after taking on her new role.

Calling for more transparency and clarity, Ms Deacon said: “There has been criticism of the Scottish Police Authority in the past about the way business has been conducted.

“I want to do everything in our power to respond to the concerns that have been raised and to promote greater clarity and transparency.”

Ms Deacon said she also wanted to have a more “collaborative” approach between the SPA and other local organisations who have an interest in policing.

The meeting of the SPA.

She said: “Over the next few months, I will be working to ensure the decision-making process is as open and effective as possible.”

Ms Deacon added she has had a very useful meeting with representatives of Dundee City Council.

She said: “I was delighted to have the chance to engage with a number of different people locally, including the chief executive of Dundee City Council, David Martin, the leader, John Alexander, and other senior members of the council.

“This was an incredibly constructive meeting. A lot of work is taking place between the city council and Police Scotland and other interested groups.”

She said she believed this to be very important as she is keen to ensure the public is given more information about the activities of Police Scotland in the future.

Giving the chief constable’s report, Deputy Chief Constable designate Iain Livingstone said the meeting had been held in Dundee, with members of the local authority, to speak about the challenges facing the police in Scotland.

He said: “I’m impressed with the level of engagement and joint working with the police in Dundee and the local authority.

“There is considerable goodwill towards Police Scotland in the city.

“Dundee is a vibrant city and has a policing plan in place as the city moves forward.”

He also warned city motorists there will continue to be a zero-tolerance of drink-driving this festive season and encouraged members of the public to report anyone they suspected of drinking and driving. “This is the ethical and right thing to do,” he said.