Probe as sparrowhawk found tied to bottle in field near Carnoustie

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Animal rescue officials are asking for help to find out how a sparrowhawk was found tied to a bottle in a field near Carnoustie.

The bird was spotted by a member of the public struggling to escape from cable ties attached to the bottle.

It was discovered in a field at the top of Carnoustie’s Lochend Road on Sunday and the Scottish SPCA is keen to establish if it was an accident or an act of cruelty.

Scottish SPCA animal rescue officer Dionne Boyack rescued the bird and said: “We were notified by a concerned member of the public who came across the sparrowhawk.

“It was found to be tethered in an unusual way, so we don’t suspect this to be a falconer. The bird was restrained with cable ties and attached to a bottle which was hindering its ability to fly.

“It is possible the bird got caught up in this unfortunate way by accident. After assessing the sparrowhawk for injury and being satisfied that he had none, I freed him and he flew away.”

Anyone with information should call the helpline on 03000 999 999.