Predicted population rise of 15.6% in Dundee could lead to ‘housing crisis’

Mum Cheryl Stewart (24) from Douglas with baby Jessica Courtney (1)

Dundee’s population increase over the next 25 years could lead to a “housing crisis”, a social landlord chief has warned.

According to projections made by the National Records of Scotland, the city’s population is expected to rise to 170,800 by 2037 — an increase of 15.6% on 2012.

Bruce Forbes, director of Angus Housing Association, said: “Based on these projections it is clear that all social housing providers will need to work closely with local councils to identify the impact on local housing markets.

“It will also be crucial that the future investment in new housing is reviewed and if necessary increased to avoid Scotland’s already under-pressure social housing from falling further into crisis.”

Meanwhile, there are fears NHS Tayside could struggle to cope with a 14% increase in population across the region by 2037.

Cheryl Stewart, 24, a new mum from Douglas, said: “I know the NHS has been struggling lately but because the growth is gradual — over 25 years — I think services will be able to move with the increase. We always seem to cope in the end.”

NHS Tayside director of strategic change Bill Nicoll said a five-year transformation programme would “radically change the way the board supports people” in hospitals and in their own homes.

He said: “The creation of health and social care partnerships, as part of the Scottish Government’s 20:20 Vision for health and social care, is a key contributor to these changes.

“Our health equity strategy sets out very clearly the need for that transformation to include a greater emphasis on prevention, early intervention and targeting of health improvement and health care services towards people living in more deprived areas.”