Poundstretcher to lead fight against Dundee graffiti vandals

Graffiti on Methven Street, Lochee
Graffiti on Methven Street, Lochee

A national discount store has given its backing to an attempt to tackle vandalism in a Lochee street.

Methven Street, which connects the Stack Retail Park and Lochee’s High Street, has been blighted in recent months by spray-paint “tags”.

Now Poundstretcher property director Gerry Loughran has said the company is “eager” to work alongside the community in a bid to stop vandals targeting the area.

The wall of the Poundstretcher building across from the fire- ravaged Old Lochee Parish Church has been a particular target for graffiti in recent times.

Lochee councillor Charlie Malone is keen to see the problem tackled and has mooted the possibility of transforming the wall into a mural – an idea Mr Loughran is right behind.

The Poundstretcher boss said: “We are always eager to work alongside the local community in order to help improve our environment.

“If that involves initiatives that Poundstretcher can help with, then we are more than willing as we see ourselves as part of the community.

“Murals can be a great way to improve the aesthetics of the surrounding area without it being intimidating.

“We would love to create the next Banksy from Dundee.”

As well as reviving the street, Mr Malone has called for a discussion on a code of conduct on the sale of spray paint materials by businesses.

Paul Wallace, director of iArt Supplies on Perth Road – which stocks spray paint – said he was “open” to the idea of discussions to address the issue.

He said: “The problem is these items can be purchased cheaply online and also from other national retailers.

“I know that in New York they tackled the problem by continuously painting over the work.

“It meant that it was a waste of time tagging it.”