Potholes on local roads could be repaired with plastic

An innovative project that could see recycled plastic used to fill potholes and repair roads may soon be trialled in Fife.

Fife Council has confirmed it is examining the possibility of using old plastic bags and bottles to resurface roads in the not-too-distant future.

The local authority has approached Carlisle-based company MacRebur, which has developed a bitumen substitute called MR6, to explore the benefits of using the product.

Hopes are high the substance could go a long way to solving the nation’s pothole crisis.

Derek Crowe, Fife’s roads and transportation service’s senior manager, said: “We’re open to trialling innovative and sustainable road surfacing materials.

“However, at this time of economic restrictions, the cost of the trial must be economic and competitive with traditional materials.

“Once any current cost issues can be overcome, we will be happy to trial such innovative processes.”