Popular local hotel and wedding almost shut down due to neighbour’s noise complaints

The Inchture Hotel

A hotelier has revealed he nearly had to shut down his long-standing venue after complaints from new neighbours.

The Inchture Hotel has been hosting functions since the 1950s. However, when residents moved in nearby and complained about late-night music, Perth and Kinross licensing chiefs investigated.

Stef Kelly-Barton said the review — which demanded near silence at night — threatened the future of the hotel.

When the case came before the committee, lawyers for the hotel successfully argued the council’s policy was contradictory.

The panel agreed and dismissed the review.

Mr Kelly-Barton said: “It is just impossible for us to have no noise emissions.

“While the environmental health officers told us they were satisfied with the volume levels, the complainer still wasn’t happy and asked for a second review.”

“We would never have been able to achieve zero volume. We would have had to shut down the function suite, which would mean the end of the hotel.

“We host about 30 to 40 weddings a year and it’s a crucial part of our business.”