POLL: After more shameful scenes in Scottish football, should clubs be punished for poor fan behaviour?

Celtic fans in the away end during their 5-0 win at Dundee in October 2018
Celtic fans in the away end during their 5-0 win at Dundee in October 2018

After another weekend of shame in Scottish football, the Tele is asking if clubs should take responsibility for the actions of their fans?

Scottish football has spent too much time this season in the spotlight for the wrong reasons with a string of incidents involving coin throwing, pitch invasions and offensive chants damaging the game’s reputation.

Managers, clubs and the governing body have appealed to supporters to behave until they are blue in the face but it has made no difference as the shameful scenes have continued on an almost weekly basis.

The latest incidents this weekend saw a coconut and smoke bombs hurled onto the Tynecastle pitch during Saturday’s Edinburgh derby, while 24 hours later Rangers skipper James Tavernier had to dodge a lighter thrown by a Motherwell fan.

A senior former Dundee police official says clubs need to take responsibility for their fans’ behaviour.

David Hamilton, vice-chairman of the Scottish Police Federation, formerly worked in Dundee for many years.

He said: “Clubs need to start taking responsibility for their fans’ actions.”

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POLL: Ex Dundee cop says clubs should be responsible for fan behaviour… do you agree?