Poll reveals Dundee is still most definitely the ‘Yes City’ when it comes to independence

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Dundee would still back Scottish independence if a second referendum was held today, a Tele poll has revealed.

A snap survey posted on the Tele’s website showed 84.5% of respondents would vote ‘Yes’ while 15% would vote ‘No’.

The remaining 0.5% said they were unsure.

The poll was launched after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told delegates at the SNP’s annual conference in Glasgow that the party would “always” push for Scottish independence.

She told the conference: “People want clarity about Brexit first. We respect that. We may not yet know exactly when the choice will be made but we can, we must and we will make the case for independence always.”

POLL: Should Scotland become an independent country?

The Tele’s poll received nearly 3,000 responses in less than 24 hours, with readers resoundingly backing the option of independence.

In casting their votes, a number of readers shared their own personal views of the issue.

John Murray said: “The SNP should change its name to SIP — the Scottish International Party.

“It makes me proud that the SNP is the most outward facing party in the UK. I’ve now came to the conclusion that being an independent country is a natural progression. They have a new supporter here.”

Irene Flint said she had changed sides after promises by the Better Together campaign fell through.

She said: “I was a No voter last time as I did not want taken out of Europe.

“I know many right wing SNP supporters do not want to be in Europe but there are an awful lot of ex-Labour Party members like me who now think Nicola Sturgeon is the best thing since sliced bread.”

However, No voter Dorothy Caroll said people’s minds had already been made up, writing: “The majority of people said they didn’t want it. It would be a waste of money and time to have another referendum.”

Bill Lynch wrote: “All the SNP want to do is destroy this country.”

Dundee earned the nickname of the ‘Yes City’ after 57% of voters turned out in favour of breaking Scotland off from the rest of the UK — the highest proportion of Yes votes anywhere in Scotland.

As a whole, 55% voted in favour of staying within the Union at the referendum in September 2014.

POLL: Should Scotland become an independent country?