POLL: Folk in Dundee bar decide on name of this traditional Scottish dish. Do you agree?

Folk in a Dundee bar have made the bold move of deciding what one of Scotland’s most well-known dishes should be called.

DB Harrison was in the Speedwell Bar – or Mennies – along Perth Road when the big question came up: mince and tatties or tatties and mince?

A straw poll was held. They told the Tele: “The overwhelming result was mince and tatties as opposed to tatties and mince.

“Several theories were expressed. As the mince is the main part of the meal, then naturally, mince is first.

“Then again, in leaner times, when there was less mince and more tatties, the tatties came first.

“When I was young, the much-coveted Christmas Oor Wullie annual featured a wee poem. The last line described Wullie’s favourite dish: “A mooth just made for mince and tatties.” It must be mince and tatties!

“I wonder if people in other areas of Dundee have a preference.”

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