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A blueprint of the proposed development at Camperdown Leisure Park.

Dundee FC have submitted new plans to support their proposed new stadium on the edge of the city.

The club promises that the development on land to the west of Camperdown Leisure Park will be more than just a stadium.

As well as the 15,000 capacity ground the Dee’s new complex would also include housing, hotels, shops and a crematorium.

The land for housing would be set to the north of the new stadium, alongside Dundee Ice Arena.

Up to 70 flats and 140 houses could be built on the site.

Community facilities such as restaurants, a gym, a creche and a 7,500 sq m commercial zone would provide amenities for residents alongside the existing leisure park.

The stadium would be surrounded on all sides by more than 1,000 parking spaces for cars and coaches, and would connect directly to a 100-bedroom hotel.

Access to the site would also be improved with a new slip-road coming off Kingsway West.

Dundee Ice Arena could also benefit from the plans, with a new extension allowing leisure bosses to build a dedicated curling rink.

The club also want to build four training pitches on public land, run in conjunction with Dundee City Council — opening them up to potential use by the general public.

The club is submitting a pre-application public meeting at Dundee Ice Arena on Friday September 22, 1pm – 8pm.

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