POLL: Could the planned 39-storey Waterfront skyscraper be good for Dundee?

Last week, a vision was revealed for a 39-storey skyscraper at Dundee Waterfront, which – if built – would become Scotland’s tallest building, including a five-star hotel, conference centre and apartments.

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Dundee skyscraper

Dundee skyscraper: all you need to know about £200m Discovery Heights project that could transform city

But cold water has been poured on the proposals by some, including council leader John Alexander, who insisted it was a “fantasy” and not in keeping with the authority’s plans for the site.

We want to know what you think. Is this the next great development for Dundee? Or would such a towering structure become a blot on the landscape?

Tell us in our exclusive poll below, and we will publish the results in the near future.

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