Police close off Dundee road after car skids on ice and crashes in to house

The damaged vehicle and house following the crash at Mayfield Grove on Friday.

Police were forced to close a Dundee street on Friday after a car skidded into a house in icy conditions.

The 31-year-old female driver of the car was said to be shocked and shaken by the incident but uninjured.

The owner of the house, which was visibly damaged, said the street outside her house was like an ice rink.

The crash happened on Mayfield Grove just off Arbroath road at about 6.30am.

The owner of the house, Milena Thoms, 42, said she heard a loud bang.

She said: “I didn’t know what it was at first.

“I was ready to escape my house because I didn’t know what it was, but it was so loud.”

Milena said when she looked outside she could see that a car had crashed into her house, making a hole.

She said: “The vehicle had also hit my husband’s car, which is only a few weeks old.”

Milena, a foot therapist, said she believed the driver of the car had lost control on the road, which was very icy.

She said: “It’s like an ice rink out there.

“There was absolutely nothing the poor girl could do.

“She told me she tried everything to control the car but it was just way too icy.

“Fortunately she didn’t seem to be hurt just incredibly shocked and upset.”

The driver was treated by paramedics at the scene.

Milena said: “I hope she’s OK — I think things could have been a lot worse given how slippery it was.”

Another man who lives in the street said he had never known it to be so slippy.

He said: “The entire street and the pavements are a sheet of ice.

“I think the car hit the worst patch of ice in the middle of the street and then just skidded all the way to the bottom and then hit the car at the bottom and continued on and hit the wall of the house.

“I don’t think there was anything she could to stop.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland said they decided to close the road until it could be gritted.

He said: “There was a minor crash when a car slipped on the ice.

“A 31-year-old female was driving and was attended to by paramedics. It’s not thought she is seriously injured.”

The Met Office issued a weather warning for the area.

Forecasters urged people to take care and put out a yellow “be alert” warning for ice.

Dundee, Tayside and Fife was hit with rain, sleet and snow in the past 24 hours causing the icy hazard.