Police call in ambulance to treat driver whose van caught fire on Dundee street

The fire on Lochee Road
The fire on Lochee Road

A van driver had to be treated at the scene on a Dundee street yesterday when his vehicle caught fire.

The incident happened at 10.41am on Lochee Road and one appliance raced to the blaze which started in the cargo area of the van.

The fire on Lochee Road, Dundee

A fire service spokesman said: “Police requested an ambulance to the scene and the driver was treated for slight smoke inhalation.

“It was first reported that a car had caught fire near traffic lights at Lochee Road. But when we got there we found out it was a van and that the fire started in the back of it. It’s not known what was in the van or how it caught alight.”

Elsewhere, the emergency services were called out to another incident last night.

Firefighters responded to calls of a possible fire at 11.15pm near Cleghorn Street and Benvie Road, but it turned out to be a smoke alarm had been triggered and nobody was hurt.