Police and ambulance called to Dundee city centre after man found slumped in street

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Police and ambulance crews were called to the city centre yesterday morning after a man was found slumped in the street.

Eyewitnesses said the man had been spotted shortly after 7.15am near an Italian restaurant on Union Street.

Three police officers were seen assisting the young man – described as being in his 20s – into the back of an ambulance.

A number of onlookers spoke of their shock after the early morning incident.

One man said: “It isn’t a place you would commonly associate with rough sleepers.

“The guy got back out of the ambulance, as far as I could see, but he looked to be in a sorry state. An officer came out of the Aabalree Guest House with another man who appeared to know the person who was chatting with police.

“It was unclear if he had possibly been staying in that nearby guest house where the other man had come out of.”

A woman added: “I was coming into the street shortly after 7.15am. I saw a man lying in the street near the Italian restaurant.

“I was scared to approach the person, as there had been an incident in Union Street recently where a woman was attacked.”

One commuter who was waiting on her lift added: “I was shocked to see this today.

“The police were parked on the junction with the Nethergate and Union Street.

“There was a paramedic with the guy in the ambulance while the police were standing at the door.

“I spotted at least three police officers on the scene and there was another police car at the foot of Union Street.

“I just hope the guy’s all right and hadn’t been lying out there all night.”

Police officers confirmed the incident had been in connection to a medical matter after being called by staff at the Bank Bar.