Plans to install broadband cabinets on Dundee city centre streets

Broadband cabinets similar to this are to be put on city streets

Planning permission has been submitted for the installation of two telecommunication broadband cabinets in the city centre.

The plans for the units on West Marketgait will form part of the government’s wider Digital Britain project.

The application was submitted by the Harlequin Group.

If the cabinets are installed they will provide superfast broadband connectivity to homes and businesses in the area.

The new cabinets will sit near to existing Openreach cabinets on West Marketgait within walking distance of Grosvenor Casino in Dundee.

Within the application it has been highlighted that every effort had been made to accommodate the telecommunications equipment in order to reduce the “visual intrusion” .

The application advised that the introduction of two new cabinets will have minimal impacts on road users and pedestrians if they are installed.