Landing plane ends up on grass verge at Dundee Airport

The runway at Dundee Airport
The runway at Dundee Airport

A plane left the runway at Dundee Airport and ended up on a grass verge.

The incident, which involved a light aircraft, happened following a safe landing by the plane’s pilot on Saturday.

A spokesman for the airport said no one had been injured in the accident and there was no damage to the plane.

The spokesman said: “We can confirm that there was an incident with a light aircraft at the airport on Saturday, where the aircraft involved left the runway during a taxi movement after a safe landing.

“The aircraft came to a standstill on the grass verge.

“The pilot was not injured during the incident and there was no damage to either the aircraft or the runway which reopened shortly afterwards.

“All the relevant authorities have been advised of the incident.”

A spokesman for the Air Accident Investigation Branch said: “The incident was reported to us. Having considered the circumstances of the incident, we are not undertaking an investigation.”