Plan for joint ‘super-school’ housing Perthshire, Dundee and Angus pupils to be unveiled

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A proposal for a joint super-school between Angus, Dundee City, and Perth and Kinross councils will be unveiled at an Angus Council meeting on Thursday.

It is understood land for the new school – to service South Angus, eastern Perthshire and Dundee – has not been identified.

However, elected members will hear that a new option to create a joint integrated community campus serving the area is now a possibility.

The news follows an apparent change of heart from one of the councils as discussions between the three local authorities on the subject had previously been described as “exhausted”.

Children and learning vice-convener Derek Wann said: “I welcome the news that Perth and Kinross Council has expressed an appetite to explore working in partnership with us and Dundee City Council to build and run a new joint school in south Angus, Dundee and eastern Perthshire.

“With Perth and Kinross Council currently setting its capital budget in addition to planning the next stage of their school estate review strategy, this now gives us viable options to seriously consider a new community campus, along with Dundee City Council, that we were not able to explore previously.

“While we are at early stages of our discussions with our neighbouring councils, if the council agrees the extension, the next step is to start a conversation with the communities affected.

“I understand that this project was mooted some years ago but, with three different parties involved, it was always going to be a challenge, so it is especially good news that progress may now be under way.”