Plan to build three plinths at local landmark produces storm of protest

Kinnoull Hill

A plan to enhance the visitor experience at one of Perth’s best-known landmarks has caused a storm of protest.

The Tay Landscape Partnership (TLP) has applied to build three stone plinths with interpretation panels in a semicircle a few feet from the B-listed Kinnoull Tower which overlooks the River Tay from the top of Kinnoull Hill.

The main thrust of the objections is that the close proximity of the plinths to the 18th Century romantic feature will spoil the visitor experience.

Among the objectors is Mrs Marian Coburn who said: “The location of the signage is extremely poor and will have a huge negative effect on the natural beauty of the tower.”

In his objection, Norman Renfrew of the Kinnoull Hill Woodland Park Group, said: “The plinths are an alien feature for a natural landscape. To tell the story of the tower one small plinth is all that’s needed.”

A spokesman for TLP said: “The three new panels not only explain Kinnoull Tower, but also help visitors understand the landscape and view beyond it. Once Perth and Kinross Council has considered the planning application and given their formal response to the objections, the partnership will review our plans accordingly.”